Nerd Trick of the Day – iTunes Move

The Problem: The main drive on my Mac Mini was filling up, but I needed room to install more development tools. The main culprit, of course, was iTunes – between the music, tutorial videos, and language lessons, it adds up. And I’m not deleting any of it.

The Non-Solution: iTunes has a preference for which folder you want to use to store your stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn’t move any of it – even if I specified a folder on my huge-ass external drive, iTunes would start using that folder in addition to the old folder, and wouldn’t free up any space for me.

The Fix: (only for those comfortable making symlinks)

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Copy the iTunes folder to the huge-ass external drive.
  3. Rename the old iTunes folder.
  4. ln -s /Volumes/HugeAssDrive/iTunes ~/Music/iTunes
  5. Start up iTunes and make sure everything works.
  6. Nuke the old, renamed folder.

Victory! Now I can install my Xcode update and the fix for the Ruby DoS issue.