Kanye vs. Taylor Swift – FIGHT!

If you caught MTV’s Video Music Awards last night, you probably saw Kanye West grab the mic out of Taylor Swift’s hand during her acceptance speech and rant about how much better Beyonce’s video was.

Yeah, seriously. Does he not know that most of the people voting for these awards are bubblegummers?

Anyway, this one’s for you, Kanye: http://www.kanyeneedstostfu.com/

Free MacBook Drawing

The exceptionally nice people over at PowerbookMedic.com are giving away a free MacBook. Details are here. Even if I don’t win it, I may take an interest in their stock of stock of pre-owned Macs.

It’s sad that this is my first blog post after so long without writing, especially with all the cool stuff I have going on right now, but there you have it. Mac lust got the better of me.

I’ll be posting next about some experiments with oil paint. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I expect.