Health Care

Other industrialized nations with public health care systems spend a third of what we spend per capita on health care, and have longer lifespans, lower infant mortality rates, and better cancer outcomes. Nobody has yet explained to me why we want to be less like those nations rather than more like them without gibbering incoherently about communism, death panels, taxpayer-funded infanticide, or other utter nonsense.

Today our nation took an overdue step – past lies, past obstruction by special interests and their paid-for legislators, past religious crockery and craven demagoguery – in the right direction. It feels good. And better still because I’m self-employed, and my COBRA coverage doesn’t go on forever – and because as a small business and start-up enthusiast, I see the effect it will have on our economy to remove this huge barrier to taking the leap into self-employment.

This is a victory, even for most of those who view it today as a loss. It’s not perfect, but it’s a big win.