tl;dr: I’m a Startup CTO

This blog is almost painfully disused. Then again, I rarely have news that is both interesting and contractually permissible to report.

Today, I have one such rare piece of news: I am, as of lunchtime today, the CTO of Moveable Feast Mobile Media. We’re building tools for travelers and travel journalists – and that will probably be all I say on the topic until we’re nearly ready to launch. (If the curiosity is gnawing at your very soul, don’t despair – it won’t be long.)

For the time being, I’ll continue to consult and build software on a contract basis. (To my clients: Resume breathing normally; your projects shall not be abandoned.). Keep me and my coterie of engineering superheroes in mind for your next mobile or distributed computing project.

Finally and very importantly: Much gratitude to Steve Schultz for allowing himself to be convinced that I’m grownup enough to join him in this endeavor – and for being the only MBA I can recall whom I’d ever be this excited to work with again.

Now: To business…