As you may have guessed from my last entry, this is heading in the direction of a personal blog again. I’m going to save most or all of my technical writing for the Kickass Labs blog (case in point: my recent Hadoop Streaming Tutorial). This has to do with the fact that much of my after-hours unsupervised play time is spent on tech projects with the KAL cabal, and if I’m going to spend the effort to write blog entries on advanced technical topics like distributed computing, I’d like to leverage it to raise the profile of the whole group.

So, look for more personal stuff here, along with pointers to my technical content on KAL.

New Iteration

So, it’s happened again – as with any of my interests, this blog has been through a fallow period and is back again, different, changed according to my interests and inclinations as they exist today.

If you’ve been a reader of this blog in the past, expect less personal material. If you’re here for the first time, expect lots of rumination about the craft of software development, nuts-and-bolts material on Ruby on Rails and Java, thoughts on personal productivity, links that amuse/interest me, and the rare rant.